BitMasher is a portable audio platform with a retro-game inspired UI. It is an experiment in designing creative ways of controlling and applying audio effects to input audio through limited user inputs and a simple monochrome display.


In BitMasher, the user can interact with different scenes which are tied to different audio effects (filters, bitcrushers, granularizers, doppler etc). There are four pre-packaged scenes in the device but custom scenes can be created using the BitMasher platform API. BitMasher development is not limited to running scenes however and the platform code can be used to build other audio experiences. The platform and application source code can be found in BitMasher Firmware Repository.

Hardware design files can be found here

This documentation provides an overview of the hardware and firmware systems of BitMasher, build instructions and steps to build custom scenes.

Important Notice

BitMasher is under continuous development. Its code and design is subject to frequent changes. No guarantees are made about its safety and performance. When working with audio systems, it is important to make the necessary precautions to protect your hearing. Use the BitMasher code and design files at your own risk!