Prepackaged Scenes

The BitMasher source code comes bundled with source code for four pre-packaged scenes - each mapped to different audio effects.


A scene with a cat that be controlled to jump onto one of two clouds - each mapped to a low and high pass filter. Landing on a cloud will cause it to sink, changing the cutoff frequency of its associated filter.



A cat using a payphone to call his friends. Beanie cat is tied to a flutter-modulator effect while spy cat is mapped to a bitcrusher effect. The calling cat itself is tied to a bandpass filter. Pressing A will trigger the effect. Pressing B will open a phone book to select which cat friend to call and the D-pad can switch between different cats and modify audio effect parameters.



A cat riding a unicycle. Pressing right on the D-pad will move the cat forward and ramp up audio playback. Pressing left will play audio "backwards." Pressing A will make the cat pedal faster.



A "desktop" environment where you can control the mouse and move a window around. The scene is tied to a granularizer effect.